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The best pest control in Ballarat

Nobody likes to share their home with pests that spread disease and can cause serious damage. Pest Control Ballarat are here to remove pests out from your home or business quickly and effectively.


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We are a leading and trusted provider of expert pest control services in Ballarat and surrounding regions. Our experienced professionals at Pest Control Ballarat guarantee to bring you quality and affordable pest control treatment when you need it most.


We will keep you informed every step of the way so that you can be sure you are receiving the best pest control treatment on the market. Call us for a quote today!



Residential Pest Control
Commercial Pest Control
Termite Control & Inspection

We specialise in residential pest control, providing a quick, safe, and thorough pest control treatment so you can relax in your home once more.


If you run a business, an infestation of pests can be incredibly disruptive and could also permanently damage your reputation. Cockroaches, rats, or other harmful pests can contaminate food or spoil other goods and cause serious financial harm.  Call our experts today!


Despite their small size termites can cause serious structural damage to your home, eating away at the ceiling joists, wall studs, and support beams. You should have a termite inspection at least once per year. If you need termite control give us a call today! 


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Our experienced professionals are here to help you keep possums out of your home and can remove them in a timely and cost effective way.


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No one likes to see a rat in their home and they spread disease, contaminate food, and can cause serious damage. Pest Control Ballarat can help you remove these nasty pests quickly and permanently. 


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Wasp Nest Removal
Bed Bugs Treatment

Mice can cause much more damage to your home than people realise and these sneaky little pests can ruin your reputation if you own a restaurant or cafe. Here at Pest Control Ballarat we can offer you quick and effective mice control.


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Pest Control Ballarat can help you mitigate the nuisance that some bird species cause in residential properties such as building nests in gutters, dislodging roof tiles, and corrosive droppings.


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Wasp stings can be painful, and are particularly dangerous to those who are allergic. At Pest Control Ballarat we can safely remove any wasp nest to you minimise the risk of experiencing one of these painful stings.


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Bed bugs can leave you with itchy and painful bites and are notoriously hard to get rid of. Our bed bug treatment services mean that you can sleep in peace once more. 


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Australia is home to some of the world’s most deadly spiders. Even if not deadly, spiders can cause a nuisance in the home due to their webs. Our experts will provide you with effective spider treatment and prevent re-infestation. 


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Although unlikely to be dangerous, ant infestation is a nuisance inside the home. Ants can infiltrate your cupboards or pantry and spoil food. Our experienced professionals will provide quick and long-lasting treatment.


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Although fleas have minimal impact on humans, they can be a significant cause of irritation and allergy to our pets. At Pest Control Ballarat we can help you keep your pets happy and healthy.


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Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are notoriously hard to remove once they have infiltrated your home, contaminating food and surfaces.  Our pest control service can provide cockroach treatment removing them safely and permanently.


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In large numbers Silverfish have destructive feeding habits causing damage to your house and your precious belongings such as photos and books. Our pest control service can provide effective and timely treatment.


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Ticks can transmit diseases amongst both humans and animals, causing anything from minor rashes to serious respiratory illness . Our trusted professionals at Pest Control Ballarat can help you exterminate ticks safely and permanently. 


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How much will pest control cost?

Our mission is to provide you with effective and affordable pest control in a timely manner. The cost of each pest control treatment is different and depends on factors such as; type of pest, size of infestation, and the size of the property. Call Pest Control Ballarat today and we can discuss your options!

What is pest control?

What is a pest you might ask? We define a pest as a member of the animal kingdom who annoys or causes harm to humans, their activities, or their domesticated pets. Think rats, cockroaches, ants, termites, and other creatures that can cause serious harm to your property or yourself.

Pest control is the process of managing or removing the pest, thus minimising any damage or harm they can cause. Our pest control focuses on finding the root cause so you don’t run into the same issues over and over.

Who needs our pest control services?

There are two main categories of people who need our pest control most:


  • Firstly those who have had their house or business invaded by pests such as mice, rats, cockroaches, termites, or any other pest. See our list of pest control services here

  • Secondly, pest control can be used in prevention, to minimise the chance that you will ever have a pest infestation.

Why you need it?

When it comes to pest control it is always wise to engage a pest control expert. With years of experience and training, pest control professionals have the ability to quickly find the root cause of any infestation or problem. They look places where others do not, and are across the wide range of control or treatment strategies that are available. 


Pests can pose serious risk or danger to your home, family, or business. If left untreated, not only can they cause physical harm through disease transmission or attack, they can cause you serious financial damage through their destructive feeding habits. Let our professionals take the stress out of pest control for you, so you can go back to enjoying your home or business in peace.

Which equipment do we use?

Our professionals are trained to use market leading equipment and innovative pest treatment techniques. Although our highest priority is keeping your house or business safe, we also keep pest/animal welfare in mind so try and use ethical pest treatment techniques.

How does pest control work and how long does it usually take?

Once you give us a call regarding your situation, in most situations we will be able to provide you with an on the spot quote. We will then come out to your property and inspect before tailoring the most suitable pest control strategy to suit your particular needs. We cannot give an exact time frame on how long pest control takes as it varies case by case. 




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