Ant control

As the weather warms up, ants begin to thrive. We have over 1,300 known ant species here in Australia, each with unique characteristics. Ants often forage around in unhygienic places so it is not pleasant to have them then crawling all over your food or belongings and can cause contamination. Ants travel in large colonies and are notoriously difficult to get rid of. 


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Dangers of ant infestation


Ants have an incredible ability to locate and swarm around food sources. Not only do swarms of ants on your food look unpleasant, they can also spread disease and contaminate food.

How to know if you have an ant infestation


There are a few tell tale signs of an ant infestation. If you spot one or two ants then it is unlikely to be an infestation. However a more constant stream of ants in to your home can suggest an infestation has begun. Another thing to look for is an ant nest which looks like a small pile of soil or dirt.


Our ant control services


If only ant control was as easy as killing the ants that make it into your home. Unfortunately these efforts are futile as thousands of other ants will continue to venture in to your home to keep carrying food back to their colony. Whilst DIY products can work for some species of ants, for larger infestations it we highly recommend you contact the Pest Control Ballarat professionals. 



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