bird control and removal

Although some birds are beautiful, other bird species can be considered a real nuisance and have the potential to do serious damage to your home or business property. Birds can be extremely stubborn and incredibly difficult to remove at times and that is where our Ballarat bird control and removal services come in. 


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Dangers of having birds inside your home/business


We all know that birds can wreak havoc, especially if panicked. Additionally birds are known to cause damage by:

  • Loosening roof tiles, building nests in obstructive places, blocking guttering, and leaving droppings that are highly corrosive. 

  • Attacking people or customers, particularly if they feel that you are threatening their young.

  • Often carrying fleas, ticks, lice, and other insects that can potentially spread disease and create an unhygienic environment. 


Our bird control or removal strategy


It is important to get on top of bird control and put in preventative measures as soon as possible. This will help you minimise the chance of the dangers associated with invasive birds. We offer the best bird control and removal in Ballarat and have an extensive range of cost-effective, bird-friendly, and non-intrusive control measures that will not cause any interruptions to your business. 

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