FLEA control

Fleas can be found in almost any environment, even if you don’t have pets. They are parasites and their bites, whilst they don’t cause pain, will result in a highly unpleasant itch or rash. 


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Dangers of flea infestation


Fleas are generally not considered dangerous but can cause considerable amounts of discomfort through the rashes that their bites leave us with. Some signs of flea bites are itching, rashes, and small red circular marks with a smaller darker red spot in the middle.


Our flea control services


If you believe you might have a flea infestation then call our professionals here at Pest Control Ballarat to discuss your options. Our flea control services are all safe and will help you permanently exterminate these pests so you can go back to enjoying your home in peace.


If you need flea control in Ballarat then give us a call today! 



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