mice control

Mice infestation is never a pleasant experience and these sneaky little pests can cause more damage than many people realise. They can be very hard to detect and have the ability to breed rapidly. If you run a business then it goes without saying that mice can ruin your reputation. 


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Dangers of mice infestation


Similar to rats, it is highly likely that mice will be carrying various diseases that can easily be transmitted to humans. These diseases are transmitted through their faeces or urine and thus can go undetected until its too late. 

Through their gnawing activities mice can also cause structural damage to your home, and also cause fire hazards through chewing on electrical wiring. This can be expensive to repair and be a risk to your kids or family. 


How to know if you have a mice infestation


Mice often stay hidden during the day and thus it is most common to identify an infestation through signs of mice activity. Common signs of mice infestations include:

  • Droppings (3-8mm long)

  • Scratching noises

  • Marks of grease

  • Little piles of urine

  • Mice footprints/tracks

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Preventing a mice infestation


The best and most effective way of avoiding a mice infestation is to prevent access by keeping your house secure and ensuring you fix any holes as quickly as possible. If you suspect a mice infestation then you need to do your best to minimise their food and water supply. Other strategies to prevent mice infestation include:


  • Keeping food in secure containers/wrapping

  • Sealing any holes

  • Install brush strips to the bottom of your doors

  • Covering air vents with mesh

  • Ensuring that your bins are properly secured with a lid

Our mice control strategy


As Ballarat’s mice control experts we offer quick and affordable mice control so you can go back to enjoying your home in peace! 



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