Rat control

Rats are linked to nearly 12 different harmful diseases and are known to transmit these with ease. They breed extensively and due to their nocturnal nature they are incredibly difficult to catch and control. 


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Dangers of rat infestation


Unfortunately rats breed very quickly and they spread disease at a rapid rate often contaminating food in the process. Not only that, but rats can cause serious damage to your home by ruining your insulation, chewing through walls or floors, and even causing fire hazards by chewing at electrical cables.


The above dangers are why rat control is critical to the peaceful enjoyment of your home. If you run a business then it goes without saying that rats can ruin your reputation.


How to know if you have a rat infestation


Rats are nocturnal creatures, meaning that they can be difficult to detect. Some common signs of rat infestation include:

  • Rat poo/droppings

  • Little rat footprints

  • Hearing scratching noises

  • Damage from chewing


Preventing a rat infestation


Finding rats in your home is enough to send shivers down your spine. Luckily there are a few strategies you can use to prevent rat infestation:

  • Do not leave open food in easily accessible places - always try to use air tight containers or wrapping

  • Ensure you have a secure lid for your bins

  • Wipe up your kitchen surfaces to ensure there are no crumbs lying around

  • Store your pet food in air tight containers

Our rat control strategy


Although it is possible to remove rats yourself, professional rat control is the quickest, easiest, and most definite way to successfully remove rats from your home. We use rodenticides to ensure that you can go back to enjoying your home in peace once more.


Ballarat Pest Control’s dedicated professionals can swiftly eradicate rat infestations of any size and provide you with the best rat control in Ballarat! 



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