silverfish control

Silverfish seek out refuge in dark and warm environments, making your home or kitchen the perfect hiding spot. Like cockroaches these pests can breed at an incredibly rapid pace and are difficult to control once an infestation occurs. They are known for their destructive feeding habits and in large numbers can destroy your precious belongings. 


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Dangers of silverfish infestation


Silverfish have highly damaging feeding patterns and when found in large numbers they can damage your personal belongings such as photos, books, paintings, plaster, and other household items, which can be costly or impossible to replace. The most common places you will find silverfish in your home are the kitchen, bathroom, basement or any other dark and damp place. 


How to know if you have a silverfish infestation

Unless you have seen one before, it is unlikely that you know what these creatures look like. They have a unique silvery gray colour, and their wiggling movement resembles that of a fish. Unfortunately they are difficult to catch and thus the most obvious sign of a silverfish infestation is the damage that they will inevitably leave behind. 

How to prevent a silverfish infestation

The easiest way to prevent a silverfish infestation is to ensure that you do not leave food crumbs or scraps around your home. Do not leave dusty papers or magazines lying around, either throw them out or clean the dust off, as silverfish are highly attracted by these. Try to keep your property secure by fixing any holes or cracks and routinely clean out dark or damp places.

Our silverfish control services

A large silverfish infestation can be a serious issue for your home or business. Our trained experts will help you identify a silverfish infestation and provide you with a quick and simple solution. Give us a call today on (03) 5955 4251. 

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