spider control

Unfortunately this beautiful country is home to some of the world’s most dangerous spiders. Attracted to warm, dark, and hidden places, not only can they make you feel uncomfortable but they can cause serious harm or even death. Professional spider control is important for those of us with a real fear of spiders. 


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Dangers of spider infestation


Although spiders are actually quite gentle creatures, they will bite if they feel threatened. Poisonous spiders can cause serious illness or even death to humans, although this is incredibly rare. The other nuisance that spiders cause is their webbing. 

Signs of spider infestation


The first sign of a spider infestation is when you spot tiny little baby spiders. This should start the alarm bells ringing as it means that the spiders have started breeding which is not a good sign. The other obvious sign of a spider infestation is finding a multitude of webs in and around your house. 


Our spider control services

Although it is tempting to think that you can deal with a spider infestation yourself by simply killing the spiders, this rarely works long term. Let our pest control professionals safely and permanently eliminate your spider infestation.


We are the spider control experts in Ballarat and our spider control solutions will have you enjoying your home in peace in no time. Call us today!


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