Termite control or termite inspection

We offer quick and effective termite control in Ballarat

Did you know that over 100,000 Australian homes suffer from a termite infestation every single year?  There is no pest that can cause more expensive damage to your home than the termite. These harmful little pests can go undetected for years, causing thousands of dollars worth of structural damage. 


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Dangers of termite infestation


Termites can cause dangerous structural damage to your home by hollowing out wood. Not only that, but the financial burden of preventing and managing termite infestations is huge. Thus, it is best to have yearly termite inspections and get on top of any termite infestation early to avoid serious financial impact. 



How to know if you have a termite infestation


Termites absolutely love a hidden, dark, and humid environment which is why they often go undetected until it is far too late. This is why having yearly termite inspections is extremely important. Although they are hard to detect to the untrained eye they do leave signs of their damage such as:


  • Hollow sounding timber

  • Hollowed out timber 

  • Swelling of a door or window 


Our termite control solutions


Our experienced professionals offer the most thorough termite inspections in Ballarat, as well as effective and long-lasting termite protection or termite treatment. 


Termite inspection


It is imperative that you inspect your house for termites every single year to give yourself the best chance of early detection. The CSIRO advises that Australians should conduct a yearly pest inspection. We offer the best termite inspections in Ballarat to help you avoid any damage down the track. 


Termite Control


According to this article (insert link) termites can devalue your home by up to 25%. If that isn’t enough to spur you into action, we don’t know what will! We are the most effective termite control service in Ballarat and will provide you with a tailored termite treatment plan to match your specific needs. 

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