wasp nest removal

Wasps can inflict painful stings and are particularly dangerous for those who are allergic. In small numbers they are not too serious of a problem but a nest can be a major hazard, especially in human environments. 


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Dangers of wasp nests


Wasps can potentially attack humans if their nest is disturbed. The fear of being stung is something that is shared by many of us and thus having a wasp nest near your business or home can be a major disruption. Their stings are rarely deadly but can be if the person stung is allergic. 


Our wasp nest removal service


A wasp nest should never be removed by an untrained person. Pest Control Ballarat offer the most secure and efficient wasp nest removal in Ballarat. We use special chemicals to ensure that the wasps are permanently exterminated. If you need a wasp nest removed please give us a call!



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